Pup Tentacle

Everything I do is digital thus far and it all centers in some way, around sacred geometry. I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as a number of different fractal generators. My artwork comes from God, and is meant as an offering to Him and a means of helping me find Him. Influences are Hindu, Budhist, Native American, and Meso-American art and patterns although these geometries are quite universal and I try to go with whatever flow I find as far as style. 

While I suppose I'm an artist - I consider myself a geometer first and foremost. I've always had an affinity for and fascination with geometry and its real world relevance. Discovering sacred-geometry was really an epiphany for me and gave me some concrete direction with which to explore and express. 
I've been eating various psychedelics since Veteran's Day of 1987. I don't think anything I've created since has escaped the touch of these compounds. For me, a lot of sacred geometry is suggestive of psychedelic realms and ideas and conversely, psychedelic states and thoughts, and visions can very very highly suggestive of sacred geometry.
Via this wonderful relationship, I've been able to explore my love of geometry and its relevance to existence, and realization while being able to create something beautiful and non-commercial. I am tickled pink to have found a way to wrap computers/psychedelics /art /geometry/spirituality into one endeavor. It's just awesome.


SOURCE: https://www.dmt-nexus.me/art/art_puptentacle.html